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TOP 10!! Things to Do in Queenstown!

By my queenstown on Saturday, September 4, 2010 with 1 comment

For many occasions in the past 10 months, MyQueenstown Team has explored many places and found out many exciting things to do in our estate. The notion that "Queenstown is Boring!" is debunked and we are happy to list down our personal 10 favourite things to do while in our beautiful estate.

Queenstown's Heritage Trail

What is more fascinating in Queenstown than her heritage and history? From being home to the first recreation & swimming complex to the first dental and polyclinic, Singapore's multicultural and multireligious landscape is depicted nicely in the protected monuments of Blessed Sacrament Church and the nicely decorated Sri Muneesawaran Temple. Remnants of Singapore's past can also be found with Queenstown Remand Prison, the first HDB Blocks 45, 48 & 49 in Stirling Road and the SIT flats. Interested parties can also SMS 91769891 or email myqueenstown@gmail.com for guided tours!

MyQueenstown Team will launch the online version of MyQueenstown Heritage Trail later this month.

HortPark-one of the numerous parks in Queenstown

Think of parks and Queenstown residents will smile in elation because everywhere in our estate is parks-big ones too! Alexandra Canal Linear Park is a favourite place for skaters, skateboarders, cyclists and joggers! The fascinating themed zones along the linear park have attracted different groups of crowds every day. HortPark, situated behind Alexandra Hospital, is home to the stunning Alexandra Arch and serene Hort Park where lovers, friends and botanists come together.

Photo taken in one of MyQueenstown Ghost Haunts

Ghost Haunting in Queenstown is popular among ghost busters in Queenstown. There are several locations you can try: Margaret Drive & Ridout, Tanglin Halt & Queens' Close KTM Tracks, Portsdown. Some residents even commented that they saw traces of extraterrestrial objects in our photo albums. Get ready your crosses, garlics or amulets and join us in the upcoming ghost trails! 

Food in Queenstown

Other districts or the Singapore Tourism Board may recommend certain food they deemed "sumptuous" and "tasty." In Queenstown, many food stalls span a long, long history that stretches back to our colonial period. Some food spots in Queenstown resembles kopitiam of the past. Gluttons in Queenstown can peep into our personal top 10 favourites.

Chip Bee Gardens-one of many Queenstown's Chillout spots.

It's official. Queenstown has the most chillout spots for expatriates and a growing young population in Singapore. Chip Bee Gardens, Portsdown, Holland Village, Gillman Heights in Queenstown while Dempsey and Rochester Park within 5 minutes drive/ride from Queenstown. Using a simple permutation, your khakis and friends will no longer feel bored at night in Queenstown!

Mr Bird Man

The fast pace of globalisation did not weed out traditional local forms of entertainment. One of this type of recreation is listening the birds' chirp at Blk 39A Margaret Drive. Every Thursday and Saturday mornings, young and old bird lovers will gather at the void deck and admire the melodious tunes sang by their pet birds. Don't believe? Visit Blk 39A next Thursday or Saturday!


Being the oldest estate in Singapore, it is inevitable that there is a sizeable of elderly population. Some of them are lonely whereas some of them are plagued with illnesses and are abandoned by their children. There are many Befrienders' Centre, Voluntary Welfare Organisations and societies in Queenstown linking up with these elderly people. Why not spend a day doing community involvement programmes to do and make these elderly people happy?

Ang Mo Chus @ Portsdown

The Ang Mo Chu at Portsdown Road are not mere abandoned barracks converted into residential apartments for the foreign expatriates or the ultra rich men and women. Explore them and you can easily find some treasures, in the form of art galleries. Art lovers who have gotten sick of the museums in the civic district can try on a entirely different experience in admiring art pieces!

Watch a Free Show @ Tanglin Halt!

Every evening on the third Saturday of the month, throngs of Tanglin Halt residents will gather at the Community Plaza and watch an extravaganza of performers belting out familiar tunes, displaying slick dance moves and magic shows. This show, entitled CLAP!, will begin at 7.30pm and last for more than 2 hours.

IKEA at Alexandra Road

It's virtually impossible not to mention IKEA & shopping in this post. The most popular spot in Queenstown, especially during weekends, is the reason why Bus Service 195 is always crowded when you board it at Queenstown MRT Station. Next to IKEA are two of Singapore's most popular concept shopping malls, namely Queensway Shopping Centre and Anchorpoint. Queensway Shopping Centre offers trendy sports wear and gears whereas Anchorpoint is home to many outlet stores such as Fox and Billabong selling discounted items.

Who says Queenstown is boring?! Challenge us!

What do you do in Queenstown? Tell us in our facebook page now!

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