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A Day in A Life of A... YOG Volunteer

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As the Youth Olympic Games draw to a closure in August this year, many Singaporeans and foreigners alike would still have the 12-day sporting extravaganza deeply engraved in their memories. The event was said to be well-planned and received worldwide. One cannot forget the groups of people who made YOG possible, one of them being the huge pool of YOG volunteers.

Today, we shall look into a day in the life of a YOG volunteer. Evonne Tay, 30, signed up as a volunteer for the YOG in 2008. She also signed up as a volunteer in the 2009 Asean Youth Games(AYG). She was appointed as a transport team leader during the 2009 AYG. Evonne gained valuable experience in the AYG, working with other volunteers as well as logistics personnel. Eventually, as the YOG draws near in early 2010, Evonne was promoted to a Supervisor position as she had prior experience from the AYG.


Evonne had to work from 8am to 8pm every day, from the duration of 12 August to 23 August 2010. The 12 hour shift was tiring but necessary as she had to ensure the welfare of 55 other volunteers under her charge, and also perform the daily operations that she had been tasked.

Fellow events' marshals (Evonne extreme left)

At 8am, Evonne briefed her team members about the tasks that they have to perform for the day. They were to be stationed at various checkpoints and screen the people that were to enter the sports complex. Volunteers, athletes and spectators would have been issues different passes and tickets in order for them to enter the venue.

One of the sporting venues @ Singapore Indoor Stadium

During lunchtime, Evonne had to ensure that her volunteers have collected their catered food and are well-fed. Evonne dismissed the rumor that the meals for volunteers are measly and insufficient. “From my personal experience, the meals for the volunteers are well catered for and not as bad as they said.”

Basketball Competition at Scape

In the afternoon, Evonne was back to her job of supervising the volunteers at the various checkpoints. There was a 3v3 basketball game at 2.30pm and they were to screen everyone who were to enter the compound. Evonne received a call from one of her team leaders that an athlete insisted on entering the sports complex without a proper pass. She tried to converse with the athlete but was held back because the athlete only knew how to speak French. Evonne later found out that the athlete did not have a ticket as they were all sold out on the actual day. Even as her jobscope does not require her to do so, Evonne eventually assisted the athlete in purchasing a ticket.

Warm-up basketball court

In the evening, Evonne had a gathering with her fellow volunteers as the games draw to a close. The volunteers are mostly from secondary schools and tertiary institutions. “Bonding is important as our networking do not end after the YOG, there are plenty more volunteering opportunities in the future.”

Evonne got her first volunteering experiences while she was studying in Ghim Moh secondary school. As a girl guide, she got to visit old folks' homes and help out in food distribution programmes. Currently, Evonne is involved in some assistance programmes by various organisations.

Happy @ Work

Evonne believes in helping the wider community and being happy in the process. She derives pleasure in volunteering and seeks any opportunity to learn new skills from her work. To all volunteers out there, Evonne encourages you to stick with your personal voluntary aims and never give up, even in the face of setbacks.    

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