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A Day in A Life of A... Property Agent

By my queenstown on Monday, August 23, 2010 with 1 comment

Everyone needs a shelter, to protect us from the rain; and give us warmth and comfort. Home is where we belong. Today, let us look into the life of the person, who ensures we have a comfortable house to live in. He is a property agent-Mr Mak.

Mr Mak, 52, has been active in this trade for the past 19 years. He was a resident at Block 6A Margaret Drive for 17 years. Today, he is a prominent volunteer and participant in major community activities in Queenstown.

Mr Mak at Tanglin Halt

In the morning, Mr Mak would do some research by reading the classified sections of the various daily newspapers. He would also log on to his property company’s online database, where recent compilations of information on buyers and sellers are available. After which, he would call potential buyers and sellers in order to fix appointment timings for apartment viewing.

At about 3pm, Mr Mak met one of his clients to clarify specific documents such as his Central Provident Fund records, bank loan and housing loan statements. After confirming that he is eligible to purchase a flat, Mr Mak would arrange a time slot for both buyer and seller to meet in order to finish the deal. The finalised meeting would normally be about 4 months later.

Some of the Mr Mak's clients' houses

Some of Mr Mak's Client's Houses

At 6pm, when most of us have gone home after a hard day's work, Mr Mak would meet up with a potential buyer by liasing with the seller. Mr Mak explained that most flat viewings would normally be on weekends or week nights when people knock off from work. If the buyers and sellers can come to an agreement,

  Mr Mak’s client (who is the seller) would hand the keys over  to the buyer. Then, officers from the HDB will pass a cheque containing the balance earnings (25% will be deducted if it is a direct purchase flat) from the sale of flat to the seller. Mr Mak would normally receive 1% commission from every deal that he successfully finishes.

Over the years, Mr Mak has handled many "picky" clients. His advice, "The pickier the customer, the more interested he is on the apartment flat."

However, there were instances where he was not so lucky. When he was asked to broker a deal between a couple who is undergoing divorce, he has difficulty seeking approval from both the husband and the wife because they are not on talking terms.

An Avid Golfer

Mr Mak plays golf every month in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, his clients will request him to play golf too!

On weekends, Mr Mak would prioritize his time for his family. They would normally catch up each other through either lunch or dinner. In addition, Mr and Mrs Mak often travel overseas for short trips during the weekends. This is how they manage to spend some time together and stay loving! Wheeee...

Mr and Mrs Mak in Malaysia

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