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On the Ground: Queenstown Constituency

By my queenstown on Wednesday, August 25, 2010 with 1 comment

Queenstown Planning Area, according to URA Master Plan 2008, covers 5 constituencies in the political electoral map. 2 out of the 5 constituencies, namely Strathmore/Dawson and Portsdown/Warwick Avenue constitute a smaller part of our research and therefore, MyQueenstown Team will not be doing a coverage there. In the last election, all the 5 constituencies were uncontested and a walkover preceded, giving parliamentary seats to the ruling party. Today, MyQueenstown Team will deliver an insight on Queenstown Constituency, whose current Member of Parliament is Mr Baey Yam Keng (since 2006).

Map of the Queenstown Electoral Boundary, Which does not include 
District 1 and 7 of URA Master Plan 2008

Nestled in the central-south of Singapore, Queenstown Constituency has a large group of diverse voters. The young and rich dwellers will reside in Strathmore and executive condominiums such as Queens' and Anchorage. whereas there are many rental flats sprinkled all over the district. With over 13,000 households and more than 55,000 voters, it forms the largest chunk of the Tanjong Pagar Group Representation Constituency. Today, MyQueenstown will give an insight on the issues only in the defined URA boundaries within the constituency and allow residents under better on the socio-political issues in our district.

Financial Situation of Residents
The Population Census released by HDB last year indicated that 1 in 4 residents in Queenstown are 65 years old and above. More than half of the residents lived in apartment flats that are 3 room and below. According to a volunteer within the grassroots, Queenstown has one of the highest number of  applicants for financial and employment assistance.

The rising costs of living has been a bane to many single and elderly folks. Many needy residents are glad that the financial assistance schemes are available and the authorities are 'prompt' in assisting them through various community lunches and ration distribution programmes. 

The Older Folks in Queenstown

However, residents living in  Blk 45, 48 and 49 in Stirling Road felt less than satisfactory about the impending demolishing of Commonwealth Avenue Cooked Food Centre, whose hawkers provide 'free' and 'subsidised' meals on a personal capacity to the needy old folks. 

General Facilities & Upgrading Concerns
The problems associated with Queenstown's hilly terrain are well documented in our previous posts. Residents have expressed genuine concerns on the aging population in our districts and they are assured that developments are "ongoing" to improve this situation, particularly in Stirling View and Mei Ling. However, MyQueenstown remains doubtful about these claims until concrete plans (literally) have been mooted.

Hilly Terrains in Mei Ling

Other than lift upgradings and selective enbloc redevelopment schemes, Strathmore residents are concerned about the lack of a food centre and market once February 28, 2011 nears. The only bus that served Strathmore, SBS Transit Bus Service No. 32, has an irregular frequency of 15-20 minutes. Many residents, including Stephanie Loh and Royce Tan, have sent emails to MyQuenstown Team about the "horrible travelling time" and would like to urge authorities to implement a new bus route to improve convenience in that district.

Declining business in Mei Chin Market has been a sensitive issue among residents. As MyQueenstown Team reports in March, the lack of interest in Mei Chin Market can be attributed to declining purchasing power of elderly and a deficiency in avenues to reach the market and the surrounding shop houses.

Zero customers in 2 hours!

The less-than-desired living environment in Stirling Road has been publicised by MyQueenstown earlier too. On our part, our volunteers have advised shop keepers and written letters to MDIS on several ways to reduce littering. We are happy that the situation has improved.

Community Activities
"Community activities have been far and few in Queenstown," lamented Mdm Yeo, who lives in Tanglin Halt. Although MyQueenstown notices several commendable efforts in Tanglin Halt and Strathmore, Mei Ling and Stirling View is "as good as a dead town" at night. As we understand from residents living in Stirling View, internal strifes within establishments have hindered meaningful activities in this district. Some residents commented that the Residents' Corner in these two areas have organised only trips to Malaysia and would like to see more relevant activities there.

(P.S.: We will do a deeper coverage on this matter another day)

Preliminary Polls

MyQueenstown Team has conducted a modest poll in the four districts, Strathmore, Tanglin Halt, Mei Ling/Stirling, Queens' Close within the constituency earlier this year. These are the results from the polls and it is advised that this information ought to be used discreetly.

Polls at Queens' Close

Polls at Tanglin Halt

Polls at Mei Ling/Stirling

Polls at Strathmore

What do you think about the issues in Queenstown? Discuss them in our facebook now!

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