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Uncle Agony #9-Wah Lau! Why My Bus So Long Haven't Come?

By my queenstown on Friday, August 6, 2010 with 0 comments

"Uncle Agony" is a segment where residents can email us their concerns and troubles. We will answer all your queries and hope that the issue, can be resolved in a peaceful and amicable manner. Of course, the information we provide are mere suggestions from our team and do not represent any official institutions or anyone. In this way, we hope Queenstown residents can "breathe a little easier...

Ms Tan, a Childcare teacher who lives in Tanglin Halt exclaimed, "I've waited 40 minutes for Bus Service 61!"

Stephanie Loh, a Strathmore resident commented, "Bus Service 32 Take Years to Arrive!"

MyQueenstown's Reply: For residents and friends of Queenstown who took public buses to work places or school, it is inevitable that at times, the waiting time for some buses, particularly the SMRT bus services, can be atrociously long. 

In May 2007, Singtel and SBS Transit launched Iris NextBus service to notify commuters on the arrival time of the next bus. Commuters can SMS:

(Bus Stop Number) space (Service Number) to 74744

A return message will inform the commuter when the next bus as well as the subsequent bus will arrive. Residents will walk to the front of the bus stop to look at the bus stop number. 

While SMRT did not launch such service yet, residents may consider the above option while taking SBS Transit bus services.

Disclaimer: Suggestions given by MyQueenstown Team may be used to resolve the issues. 

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