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Beeeeee Hoooon!

By my queenstown on Thursday, August 26, 2010 with 0 comments

Holland residents have been writing mails to MyQueenstown to introduce some tasty and affordable food in their area. Although restaurants helmed by decorated chefs and palatable street food are plentiful in this part of Queenstown, Holland Village Food Centre does have some food stalls that are comparable to their dizzy neighbours such as Crystal Jade, NYDC, etc. One of these food stalls is Holland Village Fried Bee Hoon!

Holland Village Fried Bee Hoon

Most economic bee hoon stalls MyQueenstown Team have visited were rather disappointing. Mushy and tasteless bee hoon has stifled our taste buds even before we start munching! However, this fried bee hoon in Holland Village is different. The bee hoon is springy and its marinating sauce is well infiltrated. Combine it with the peppery chilli sauce, it's definitely worth a try!

Holland V Fried Bee Hoon

Mr Lim, 53, and his brother have been selling fried bee hoon for the past 40 years. They are opened from 6am to 2pm (except Monday) and took over the stall from their mother some years ago. His delicious bee hoon comes from years of constant reinvention and persistence on using fresh, superior ingredients.

Mr Lim, owner and resident in Holland

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