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MyQueenstown Celebrates: Happy National Day!

By my queenstown on Wednesday, August 4, 2010 with 0 comments

National Day is round the corner. Every year, Singaporeans look forward to the National Day Parade, the pre-parade celebrations and the various activities held in school or at work places to commemorate our nation's birthday. 45 years ago, racial and political differences between Singapore and Malaysia compounded by the aggressive Singapore leadership has caused us to be expelled from the Federation. Then, racial divisiveness, severe unemployment and proliferation in extremism made Singapore an unenviable country. Today, Singapore is transformed into a modern and prosperous country, with our social and financial systems a model in the developing world. Singapore is our home, our pride.
Theme for This Year's Parade
Road Closure for This Year's Parade

The highlight of every national day is definitely the parade. Last year's impressive parade, held in Marina Bay Floating Platform, utilised greatly on technology such as PiGi projections and LED mesh screens to deliver special lighting effects. The Pledge, recited by Singaporeans from all walks of life, was another memorable part of the parade. What can we expect from this year's parade?



Multimedia Show

NDP Preview Performance

Residents and friends of Queenstown look forward to this meaningful day too! Some of the residents have hanged flags outside their apartment flats. Some of the residents have taken part in the community walk held two weeks ago. Some of them have something to say for our nation:

Mdm Liew's Wishes for Singapore

Jared, Hong Jie and Wen Cong's Wish for Singapore

Let's wish Singapore a happy 45th Birthday!

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