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Alexandra Hospital Part 3/3: Civilian Hospital

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"Imperial responsibilities do not always end when a former colony attains independence." Alexandra Hospital would continue to serve the British army as the medical establishment for Commonwealth forces and Malaya troops against the communist guerillas and the Indonesian commandos during Konfontasi in the 1960s. The military hospital was finally closed on 1971. There were initial plans of transforming the military hospital into a university hospital for the trainee students of National University Singapore. It was later reopened as a general hospital serving the western part of Singapore.

Gurkhas closing the military hospital

A token one-dollar note was given to the British representatives on September 11, 1971 before the official opening of Alexandra Hospital on September 15. Renovations were carried out on the surgical, obstetrics and gynaecology units and only medical and paediatric cases were admitted.

Alexandra Hospital made several medical miracles throughout its years as a medical institution. In 1975, a Malaysian factory worker was severely injured while handling a whirling conveyor belt. Her hand was sucked into a machinery and was yanked repeatedly until her arm torn off at the elbow. At Alexandra Hospital, 4 surgeons helped her reattached her arm and succeeded.

Visiting Hours at Alexandra Hospital Today

Today, Alexandra Hospital is best remembered for her extensive stretch of greenery. It was known that patients in the hospital recover faster from their sickness because of the beautiful and enchanting scenery in the parks below their wards. Hospitals are often seen as the epicentre of pain and trauma.While most of us dread going to hospitals, some of the patients in Alexandra Hospital actually look forward to their appointments. It earns the accolade as "Hospital in the Garden."

Hospital in the Garden

More than a decade ago, the hospital built 8 hectares of 25 gardens or approximately 70% of the total land area for the hospital. These extensive greenery had drawn over 100 species of butterflies to the hospital. 

Saving Gaia-A video about Alexandra Hospital

The future of Alexandra Hospital remains very much unclear. Although the physical building is now managed by Jurong General Hospital, nurses and doctors of the hospital has shifted to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital in Yishun. In the other words, there are no longer any staff registered under the Hospital. When JGH is completed in 2014, will the hospital remain?

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