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TOP 10!! Makan Shiok!

By my queenstown on Saturday, August 28, 2010 with 1 comment

Let's grow fatter once and for all! Today, MyQueenstown will pick out 10 Makan Shiok-est! food in Queenstown and rate them! We guarantee readers will salivate as they read this post!

Queenstown Poh Pia

Ratings: 6.5/10 Stars
Which is the nicest Poh Piah in Singapore? Many food guides and TV series will point to Mr Lim's Queenstown Poh Pia in Commonwealth Avenue Cooked Food Centre. Juicy, sweet and savoury, Mr Lim can sell up to 500 poh pias every day. Once you try, you'll get addicted.

Henry Chicken Rice

Ratings: 8/10 Stars 
One look at Henry's roasted chicken rice and anybody will be tempted to devour the sweet and succulent chicken meat immediately. Queues are a norm at this store and everyone is expected to wait for more than 15 minutes at Commonwealth Crescent Food Centre.

Khong Guan Restaurant's Mee Rebus

Ratings: 7/10 Stars
No one does Mee Rebus as well as Mr Asri. Located at Blk 49, Stirling Road, Mr Asri has been serving residents for the past XXX years. The gravy is thick, crunchy and marvellous. Sometimes it doesn't have to be fanciful. All it takes is a sincere bowl of Mee "Shiok" Rebus!

Jin Dou Braised Duck Rice and Duck Noodles

Ratings: 9/10 Stars
Some braised duck tastes awkward because the hawker has overcooked the duck meat. Some braised duck is virtually tasteless because the hawker has scrimp and compromise on the quality of marinating sauce. Commonwealth Avenue Cooked Food Centre's Jin Dou Braised Duck serves one of Singapore's most marvellous dish. 

Shanghai Dimsum's Dumplings

Ratings: 7.5/10 Stars

同心居 Shanghai Dim Sum has one of the most meaningful stall name. Likewise, every bite on the pork dumpling makes us feel happy and shiok! Mr Woo, the kind-hearted owner of the stall, has impressed us with his good service and good food for the past 20 years. When Commonwealth Avenue Cooked Food Centre closes next year, one could only miss his dumplings!

No.1 Western Food

Ratings: 7/10
Some residents in Tanglin Halt prefer to grilled pork/chicken chop. Some residents, who aren't afraid of growing fat (like us), prefer the cutlet. Whatever the method, No.1 Western Food is definitely the best western food in Queenstown. P.S. Did you notice Mr Wang (the owner) throw away charred pieces of cutlet if he thinks he did not do a great job?

Eng Kee's Chicken Wings

Ratings: 6/10 Stars
You'll see queues snaking at this stall. Frequently, customers will buy chicken wings in dozens. That's right! Eng Kee's chicken wings is fantastically marinated and it tastes heavenly when you grab one. "Some say it's better than IKEA's chicken wings. Some say it's Singapore's best chicken wings!"

Ratings: 6/10 Stars
The bite-sized wantan is pure genius. One small bite and the fragrant soup bursts onto your taste buds. The noodle is springy and the roasted meat tickles your senses to the maximum. Do I have to queue for this wantan noodles at Commonwealth Crescent? Duh!

Sin Kee Chicken Rice

Ratings: 5/10 Stars
Hainanese Chicken Rice can be found in virtually every food establishment in Singapore. However, a palatable plate of chicken rice cannot be found so easily. In Blk 38, Commonwealth Avenue, Queenstown is home to one of the most recognised player in Singapore serving Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Century Egg Porridge

Ratings: 7/10 Stars
You need to wait for good food! After trying these oily and unhealthy fried food, a bowl of porridge is the best! Commonwealth Crescent's century egg porridge has been a favourite among residents for the past 30 years. Have you tried it?

Which is your top 10 food in Queenstown? Discuss them at our facebook page now!

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August 28, 2010 at 6:22 PM

great recommendations! keep up the good work on this blog for us queenstown residents.

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