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Yummy Poh Piah

By my queenstown on Thursday, January 21, 2010 with 0 comments

In the coming months, we will dig out the most delicious food around Queenstown. My Queenstown Yummy! Today, we visited Queenstown Poh Piah, located at Commonwealth Avenue Food Centre.

Queues at the Stall

Poh piah are spring rolls in Hokkien. The Poh Piah offered has a thin almost translucent skin that firmly holds the filling without allowing any sauce to spill out. The sweet and savoury Poh Piah Skin complements the unique sauce added. A wonderful mixture of flavors and textures is obtained: chewy (the skin), crunchy (seafood bits), juicy (bamboo shoots), crispy (lettuce and bean sprouts), sweet (sauce) and spicy (chili).
Mr Lim standing in front of his beloved stall

The stall owner, Mr Lim has been preparing yummy poh piah for the past 40 years after taking over the business left behind by his mom. He would wake up 4.30am in the morning, preparing the ingredients at 6.30am before opening his stall at 9am. On a good day, he can sell up to 500 poh piahs. He explains, "Business used to be better when there are shops, emporiums and cinemas around." As Queenstown residents may have realised, Commonwealth Avenue Food Centre will make way for further developments this June. Mr Lim is still considering whether to carry on with the business as he is already 70 years old. So, grab your poh piahs today!

Commonwealth Avenue Food Centre

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