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Stirling Water Runs Deep

By my queenstown on Friday, January 8, 2010 with 0 comments

Time and tide waits for no man. New broom sweeps clean. There are many things and people changing to adapt and assimiliate into a new environment. Like the Tiong Ghee temple, which shifted twice because of inevitable developments within the region. However, there are certain things in life that will never change. One of these things is our faith. Today, we've met a resident, Mr Zheng, resting comfortably on a bench within Tiong Ghee temple with his grandson.  

Mr Zheng and his grandson

Hi Mr Zheng, how long have stayed in Queenstown?
I have stayed in Queenstown for almost 50 years. I moved to Forfar Estate, the first Queenstown neighbourhood, in 1962 before shifting to Blk 171, Stirling Road. I am currently staying with my wife and son.

Now that you've retired. What do you do during your free time?
I will bring my grandson to Tiong Ghee Temple to pray and mingle with my fellow friends. This temple has never failed to bring back memories since its official establishment at its present premises in 1973. I will visit the temple every day to ask the Gods for protection and safety as well.

You've lived in Queenstown for almost half a century. Do you have any special memories?
Certainly! Queenstown used to be undeveloped swamps and hills. Now, it had been transformed into a place that is convenient and located close to the city. As I witness her transition, I will always marvel!

Tiong Ghee Temple where he frequents

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