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Cut Cut Hair!

By my queenstown on Thursday, January 28, 2010 with 0 comments

Fancy trimming your hair at an affordable rate? We take you to CD Hair Beauty Saloon Blk 152 Mei Ling Street where Mdm Cindy Kang is! Another new segment of the blog, Shop 'Til You Drop, we will introduce the best deals around Queenstown for conscious and avid shoppers. 

Mdm Cindy Kang and her shop!

Mdm Kang is a new kid on the block! Although she is just two months into her business at Mei Ling Street and taking on the big boys around her shop, she possesses a wealth of experience in the hair beauty profession for the past decade at Choa Chu Kang. Offering unisex hair beauty solutions to Meiling residents, she believes in delivering sincere service to her customers. She explains that there are many saloons in the area and customers are able to compare the service and price offered meticulously. 

Looking at the neat arrangement of her equipment, shampoos and bottles of dye, we can see she is really serious! She's opened from 10AM-7.30PM daily except for Mondays! You can try her skills!

 Mei Ling Street Market Area

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