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I'm a Housewife! And a Career Woman!

By my queenstown on Tuesday, January 12, 2010 with 0 comments

It's not easy being a housewife who can cook and manage the household. And it's not easy being a career woman who have the guts to be different! Today, we met Agnes, who worked in a shophouse in Blk 46-3 Tanglin Halt Road. She's one good example of a capable housewife and professional career woman. She stays in Tanglin Halt for 2 years. Next to her was her 15 year-old daughter, Julia.

Agnes and Julia

Hi Agnes, how long have you worked?
I've just started working for 5 months. It's boring staying at home as a housewife. Therefore I've decided to come out to do some work and support the family.

Why have decided to enter the fashion industry?
I am familiar with the fashion industry and interested in contemporary designs, therefore it is easier for me to make the transition to this line.

Times are bad. How do you sustain your business?
We are all doing business with the residents living around Tanglin Halt. Therefore, most of our customers are regular and familiar faces. It is indeed very tough to compete in this industry at this moment because younger crowds are attracted to shopping malls which can offer more variety. I'm waiting for the hawker centre to finish renovated so that more customers can patronise this area.

Why did you choose Tanglin Halt then?
My mother-in-law stays in this area. Therefore, it is much easier for me to take care of her as well. (Kudos!)

Fluffy Corner at the Corner of the shophouses!

Clothes hanging outside Fluffy Corner....
P.S. Are clothes on the left column not on sale?

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