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OoOoo Let My House Shine!!

By my queenstown on Sunday, January 31, 2010 with 0 comments

Fancy having a sparkling clean house to receive guests during the Lunar New Year? Around 90 volunteers have taken part in the Cleaning and Painting Project at Blk 48, Stirling Road this morning from 8am to 5pm. About 20 families have benefited from this project. The volunteers range from grassroot leaders, secondary school students to members of a voluntary welfare organisation. Our team conducts an on-site discovery on the furry of activities which began at Queenstown Community Centre.

Before the actual event, several volunteers have conducted house-to-house visits to inquire about information of residents who are interested in the project. Subsequently, cleaning and painting materials are provided by the Town Council and a local Community Foundation. Some of the areas allocated include kitchen, doors, living and bed rooms.

I am painting the wall!
I can reach the top!
Scrapping the dirt from the wall

Some of the houses are not in good condition. Cluttered with numerous items such as newspapers and books, and stained with charcoal black spots, one will not find these houses liveable at all. All the volunteers have gained insightful experience participating in this meaningful event by providing residents with something to cheer for in this coming new year!

"It's a meaningful event! I will take part in it again!"

"As long as the residents benefit, I don't mind the tiredness!"

 Who Says an Aunties cannot help?
I don't get CIP hours for volunteering!

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