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Multi-Service Man!!

By my queenstown on Thursday, February 4, 2010 with 0 comments

He lives in Queenstown! He works in Queenstown! And he is a friend of many elderly! Guess who is he?! He is....

Michael and his Multiservice Centre for the Elderly!

Queenstown Multi-Service Centre started as a joint charity by Tanjong Pager CDC, Queenstown CCC, Home Nursing Foundation and Thye Hua Kwan Moral Society in 1998. They provide basic services such as basic health screening for the elderly, rehabilitative treatment for patients, daycare and health education. A mini bus will send the patients to and from their house!

Have you spotted this minibus along the road?

Hi Michael, so how did everything started?
This multiservice centre was officially opened by MM Lee Kuan Yew in 1998. This location was previously home to the Town Council.

So how are elderly assessed before they will come on board officially?
Elderly will be physically and medically assessed first.As we are not trained in the field of psychology, elderly with psychological problems will therefore be referred to MINDS or requires counselling will be refer to AIC.

Well, so how is this place organised?
There are paid staff, volunteers who help out in the maintenance and provide entertainment for the elderlies.

After interacting with the elderly, do you have any memorable activities?
I do have a motto while working in this multiservice centre. That is, no matter what medical issue or problems at home, I hope the simple activities conducted in the service centre such as mahjong, singing song or even reading newspapers can enable these elderly to be happy!

Do You think the sign looks a bit weird?

Elderly enjoying themselves at a recent mid-Autumn festival celebration

No elderly will feel lonely or sad here!

I have the prettiest lantern!
Christmas Celebration...

We are happy old folks!

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