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Sri Muneeswaran temple

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68 years ago, a shrine called Muniandy Temple was built next KTM tracks near Queensway in honour of Sri Muneeswaran, a Hindu god. "Muni" means saint and "iswara" represents "Shiva," a family deity that is worshipped in most Shaivite families. I walk into the Muneeswaran temple, located at the junction of Tanglin Halt Road and Commonwealth Drive. As I have learnt, this temple contained a trident placed in the ground and limes are placed upon the prongs of the trident. Milk rice are often used as items of worshipping.

The Lotus Ceiling of the temple

I met Mr Mohan, who is a caretaker of the temple for 12 years. He explains that renovations are ongoing and the deities are taken out of the temple once every 12 years. This new building is completed in 1998 to house a growing number of devotees in Queenstown and artisans from India were commissioned to work on the Gopuram and statues of the deities. One key feature of the temple is the lack of central pillars in the inner sanctum, which allows devotees to have full view of rituals.

The deities were taken out

Things used for the prayers...

The deity, Sri Muneeswaran

Hi Mr Mohan, what's your scope of work at the temple?
I'm in charge of the the maintenace of the temple such as cleanliness and infrastructure.

What are some of the activities available at the temple?
There's a wedding hall and courses for counselling and enlightenment. Prayers will also be conducted at 6.30AM and 6.30PM, which last for about 3 hours.

In view of the rising religiousity mentioned by our PM, what are some of the activities conducted by the temple to reinforce its relevance to the community?
We provide food to needy students regardless of race and religion. Food are delivered to needy residents as well every month. We have taken part in some activities such as provision of food to elderly Queenstown residents too.

The familiar entrance to all of us...

Performance at the temple 

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