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About MyQueenstown!

By my queenstown on Friday, September 24, 2010 with 3 comments

My Queenstown is a subsidary of registered society, My Community. We are established intially as an online community portal offering updates and insights on civic life in Queenstown in December 2009. We expanded our portal to Facebook (February 2010), Twitter (April 2010) and Youtube (May 2010) to link Queenstown residents to the heritage, community news and happenings around Singapore's first satellite estate.

As a society, My Queenstown aims to 

1) Preserve, protect and educate residents on the culture, heritage and  tradition in the community. 
2) Integrate residents together regardless of race, language and religion.
3) Instill residents with a sense of pride and belonging to the community.

As a civic platform and a credible fourth estate, we have achieved some success in voicing out residents' concerns to the relevant authorities and censuring inappropriate conduct:

Wires No Longer Tangled

1) In June 2010, our publication on severe maintenance lapse in Queenstown has enabled the Town Council to reconsider their strategies in providing a condusive living environment. 

2) In July 2010, MyQueenstown Team investigated the problem of littering in Stirling road and managed to reduce the problems after speaking to the residents and students there. We have also suggested ways to the businesses there on how to reduce impact of littering. Stirling Road (outside Blk 49) is much cleaner now!

3) In August 2010, our publication on insufficient wheel-chair accessibility has attracted intense scrutiny on managing elder folks' needs in Queenstown. Prompt action was taken to alleviate the residents' concerns. 

MyQueenstown Online Portal will continue to serve as an independent media platform which is not affiliated to any government organisations, businesses and political parties. In the past few months, MyQueenstown Team is glad to have transformed a part of the civic space in Queenstown and we would continue to showcase Queenstown's beautiful and long history, civic life in Queenstown and the collective civic movement on how to improve our estate further.

Residents who wish to assist in our preservation of the heritage and history can send us photos of historical places in Queenstown (digitalised or hard copy). Our team will process the photos and return the hard copy within 5 working days. 

My Queenstown is the current content provider for Queenstown newsletter, which is jointly published by the Queenstown Citizens' Consultative Committee and My Queenstown. This newsletter allows residents in Queenstown who do not have access to our website, a golden opportunity to browse through the rich history and heritage, civic life and community aspirations of our estate. Besides being a content provider, we do not and will not canvass for the organisation.

In the upcoming months, My Queenstown will launch a heritage portal with the Queenstown Citizens' Consultative Committee and several heritage trails with Queenstown Secondary School. This fulfills our aim to propagate the history of our estate to more residents within the community.

Let us make Queenstown the most caring and friendliest estate!

My Queenstown
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yands said...
March 6, 2011 at 10:28 PM

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Anonymous said...
May 21, 2011 at 1:38 PM


saw above that the littering problem at Stirling Rd was reduced after some action taken by the team. How did u manage to do it? The littering problem @ blks 89-91 Tanglin Halt Rd is getting from bad to worse and creating social, hygiene and quality of living issues.

Anonymous said...
March 29, 2012 at 2:14 PM

Over at Hong Kah, the staircases are getting dirtier despite all the washing - grime and dirt remain untouched - which means the cleaning using high pressure water jet is just a waste of water.

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