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Snacks Attack #1 - Ghim Moh Chwee Kueh 锦茂李老三

By my queenstown on Thursday, September 30, 2010 with 0 comments

Chwee Kueh, a type of steamed rice cake, are made from a mixture of rice and water, placed in small cup-shaped containers that looked like saucers. Served with preserved raddish and chilli sauce, it is a popular dish for breakfast and snacks. 

The Handmade Chwee Kueh is Popular among residents

Mr and Mrs Lee Sah Bah wake up at 5am every morning at their Chwee Kueh stall at Ghim Moh Market. Mr Lee, 60 and Mrs Lee, 51 have been making chwee kueh for many years. Mr Lee is a former itinerant hawker and started selling the yummy rice cake from a pushcart in Strathmore Avenue 51 years ago with his mother. They shifted to Ghim Moh in 1976 and became a household name! 

Mrs Lee and her daughter, Jeanette

They make about 1,500 to 2,000 chwee kuehs every day. They used rice flour, salt, water and a "secret ingredient" for the mixture. It was then stirred in a large drum and poured into a saucer shaped container to be steamed for 25 minutes. On the other hand, the preserved radish is cooked with onion, garlice and lard in a traditional way. It is simmered and stirred intermittently for 2 hours. When we asked Mrs Lee why they insist on making the chwee kueh by hand, they answered, "Chwee Kuehs made from machine lacked sincerity and it just does not taste the same!" 

Queues at the Chwee Kueh Stall

Price chart for the Cheww Kueh

Patrons can expect queues during the morning hours and lunchtime at the market. However, waiting for such a delicious serving of yummy snack is certainly worth it!

Ghim Moh Chwee Kueh
Address: Block 20 Ghim Moh Road #01-31
Opening Hours: 6am-7pm daily (Rest days are not fixed)
Snacks Attack Rating: 7/10 

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