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By my queenstown on Saturday, September 25, 2010 with 0 comments

After 9 months and over 190 articles, MyQueenstown Team decided to select 10 of our favourite blog posts, a day before readers look forward to brand new content in the blog. In our opinion, these are the 10 most meaningful and interesting articles about Queenstown (and of course, they are the hardest to research and interview). Do you share the same opinion?

In no particular order:

Top 10!! Blog Post #1-A Day in a Life of a Bangladeshi Worker

Bangladeshi Workers in Queenstown

The rubbish really stinks. Our correspondent followed the tireless foreign workers from their dormitory to their work place (rubbish collection point) and ended home smelly himself. One can only marvel at the diligence of these workers in clearing our rubbish dutifully every day. Kudos! 

Muslims Celebrating Hari Raya Puasa

The proportion of Muslims in Queenstown is estimated to be around 6-8%, lower than the national average of 14%. Therefore, it took quite some time before our correspondent finished collating pictures of our Muslim counterparts in Queenstown. We are glad you like it too. It was #5 in our traffic.

TOP 10!! Blog Post #3- Hungry Ghost Festival Celebrations

Hungry Ghost Celebration in Queenstown

The 7th month was particularly exciting in Queenstown considering many business associations and religious institutions are organising festive activities during this period. MyQueenstown went to 3 of them and learnt a lot about traditional Hokkien skits, the ritual procedures and the conduct of dinners and auctions. We believed readers have learnt a lot about Hungry Ghost Festival too!

TOP 10!! Blog Post #4-Haunting Ghosts in Tanglin Halt

Some residents saw silhouette of ghosts in this picture

It wasn't comfortable at all for some of MyQueenstown Team members travelling deep into the forests along Portsdown Road and the KTM tracks searching for traces of ghosts and spirits. And it wasn't comfortable at all, especially, the haunted trip falls on the 1st day of 7th month, where the gates of hell were "officially" opened. Creeps!

TOP 10!! Blog Post #5-Has YOG 2010 Become a Joke?

YOG-Memorable or Forgettable?

We felt that YOG2010 wasn't gaining momentum in Queenstown and we asked you for your opinions. It was later published and created a mini "mayhem" in cyberspace after it was reposted in several other webpages. It was our blog's most read post to date, attracting over 15,000 views.

TOP 10!! Blog Post #6-No.1 Town Council?

Uneven pavements in Tanglin Halt

This was the post which garnered credibility for My Queenstown as an independent and unaffiliated civic platform for Queenstown residents to voice their concerns. This was also the post which gave feedback on inappropriate conduct of governmental organisations in Queenstown. We have succeeded in improving the living conditions of some residents in Queenstown and we are happy to do so!

The iconic Queenstown Remand Prison was demolished

While you are reading this post, Queenstown Remand Prison might have been a large field for kite flying enthusiasts. For 44 years, the watchtower and the prison quarters were part of our daily life. For ordinary people like us, there was no way we could enter the prison cell to peek into the lives of the inmates there! It was an irony when MyQueenstown Team was allowed to capture the entire demolishing process after bulldozers were invited into the prison. 

TOP 10!! Blog Post #8- Mr Bird Man

Mr Bird Man

Every morning on Thursdays and Saturdays, there will be a group of bird enthusiasts gathering at the void deck of Blk 39A with half dozen to a dozen cages of birds. Watching the birds dance and listening to their crisp and clear whistling, many Queenston residents found friends and soul mates here. Unfortunately, the number of enthusiasts had dwindled in the past few months after information on the impending demolishing of the iconic block proliferated among the residents. 

They were gone in April 2010

Mr Yeo was knocking onto the old and rusty shelves and cabinets when we visited his store on their last weekend. They started as a grocery kiosk in a kampong and expanded their businesses through free door-to-door delivery services. Mr Yeo and his friends would sit at the corner of the shop every afternoon with a few bottles of Tiger and an ashtray. It's no longer the same today...

TOP 10!! Blog Post #10-Littering in Stirling Road
Littering Problem Solved

It takes a collective effort from the community to keep our living environment clean. Volunteers from MyQueenstown Team do our part in propagating correct waste disposal methods to the students and the residents and we are glad to see the effect today. Completing this blog post was a struggle for us because it took us to be a little "tabloid" to capture real time images of offenders littering to provide evidences for our allegations!

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