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TOP 10!! Symbols of Queenstown

By my queenstown on Saturday, September 11, 2010 with 0 comments

Symbols are physical objects which are representative of a bigger idea or group of people. Whenever we look at these symbols, we will think of the place immediately. Queenstown has many prominent symbols in the 1980s and 1990s such as Tah Chung Emporium (First Air-Conditioned Complex in the Suburb), Setron Electronics (Recognisable Dome Shaped Roof) and even public facilities such as the swimming complex, polyclinics and the library (for being the first in Singapore!). 

Today, MyQueenstown Team has picked out 10 symbolic physical structures which make Queenstown residents proud and it can be recognised easily by both Queenstown residents and other Singaporeans. A straw poll of 20 residents and random visitors have been polled for their opinions of which ought to be the symbol of Queenstown. 

Queensway Shopping Centre

Popular Ratings: 10/10

Queensway Shopping Centre is certainly one of the most recognisable feature in Singapore. Singaporeans and tourists alike visit this mall for their extensive collection of sportswear and gears. It is one of few places where bargaining and haggling remain a common sight. Who hasn't visited Queensway Shopping Centre before? 

Chap Lao Chus in Queenstown

Popular Ratings: 8.5/10 

A mention of the name "Queenstown"  and ubiquitous rows of 10-storey housing blocks at Tanglin Halt immediately springs to mind. In spite of their uniformity, these residences more affectionately known as chap lau (Hokkien for 10 storeys) have come to encapsulate the spirit of Queenstown and the imitable spirit of residents. 

40 Storeys (or Si Chap Laus)

Popular Ratings: 5.5/10

Years of Selective Enbloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS) has transformed the skyline of Queenstown and Singapore as a whole. Fourty-storey tall flats have replaced the aging 10-storey HDB apartments in many parts of Queenstown. Now, it is not an uncommon sight to find clusters of 40 storey flats in various districts and all of them promise astonishing views of the harbour and the city. 

Queenstown Community Library

Popular Ratings: 8/10

Queenstown Community Library, opened in 30 April 1970, was the first community library built in Singapore outside the National Library. Serving a maturing Queenstown estate, this library bring books and learning closer to the Queenstown residents. Today, Queenstown Community Library remains a popular hangout location among residents and ex-residents alike. Former residents and other Singaporeans are also staunch supporters of the library because of its lushed surroundings and quiet interiors. Together with Blk 38 Wet Market, Queenstown Community Library will remain as the centrepiece for remembrance and reminiscence as Queenstown undergoes a major facelift in the coming decade.

Dawson Road Precinct

Popular Ratings: 10/10

It will be entirely unfathomable for anybody in Singapore not to know the name "Dawson Road." Earmarked as the centrepiece for development of public housing in the 21st century, Dawson is home to several "condominium-styled" public housing clusters such as TreeLodge@Dawson and SkyTerrace@Dawson. Located at a prime, central location minutes away to Orchard, it is a "must buy" for home owners-wannabe. Unlike other places such as "Queenstown" or "Commonwealth" which are namesakes of other places in the former British Empire, google Dawson and you'll get "Dawson BTO" in all the popular search results!

Popular Ratings: 5/10

Designed by Y. Gordon Dowsett, this church was striking in its blue slate roof in the shape of a tent over the building like a cross. The Celtic Cross also combines a circle with a cross, on the exterior brick face wall. 
The entire church was made of wood while its entire structure is beamless. It has high ceilings so as to keep the place airy and not stuffy. This will also go on to save electricity. This church was granted conservations status when it was gazetted under the Preservation of Monuments Board in 2005 in recognition of its distinctive architecture design. Do not be surprised if you see cameras clicking away from time to time!

Windmill at Holland Village

Popular Ratings: 10/10

The popular Channel 8 drama, Holland V, broadcast in 2002, has elevated the stature of Holland Village into "immortality." It is known to Singaporeans as a place for fun, food and drinks! The iconic windmill is known to virtually every single person in Singapore and it is a popular hangout for Queenstown residents for a slice of fun. The only drawback to Holland Village was the perpetual disclaimer from its residents that they see themselves as a separate district from Queenstown because of the differing culture and practices. Well, they only have to look into URA's Master Plan 2008 to be convinced. But then again, is it qualified to serve as Queenstown's symbol?

Masjid Jamek Queenstown

Popular Ratings: 6/10 

Opened on Christmas Day 1964, Masjid Jamek Queenstown is one of the most striking structure located at the easternmost entrance to Queenstown estate (junction of Margaret Drive and Tanglin Road). Visitors and anyone who are entering Orchard Road through Tanglin Road will pass through this blue coloured mosque. This masjid was one of the few places which was flooded repeatedly in the past before the construction of Alexandra Canal Linear Park. 

Striking neon lights at the SkyBridge in Queens' Close

Popular Ratings: 1.5/10

Travel along Queensway and you'll spot a blue colored neon light bridge to your right. This bridge links up Queens' Close to the Sports Complex and Food Centre in Mei Ling and Stirling Road. Couples love the romantic ambience and Office workers loved the soothing ambience.

Alexandra Hospital

Popular Ratings: 8.5/10

Alexandra Hospital is best remembered for her extensive stretch of greenery. It was known that patients in the hospital recover faster from their sickness because of the beautiful and enchanting scenery in the parks below their wards. Hospitals are often seen as the epicentre of pain and trauma.While most of us dread going to hospitals, some of the patients in Alexandra Hospital actually look forward to their appointments. It earns the accolade as "Hospital in the Garden."

What do you think should be the symbol of Queenstown? Tell us at our facebook page!

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