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Blessed Sacrament Church

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During the Japanese occupation of Indonesia, 12 of the 23 missionaries died while others survived the concentration camp and were held in Changi Prison. Fr. Isfried Meijer was one of them that survived and moved to Singapore as a procurator. He was the first Sacrament Catholic Church member in Singapore. In 1958 when Archibishop Michael of Olcomendi of Archdiocese Malacca saw Lim Yew Hock's government advertising on the 10 available sites for religious worhshiping in Queenstown, he sought Fr. Meijer's congregation in setting up a church. There were three others who assisted him.

Blessed Sacrament Church in 1965

Damien Hall was first completed in 1963 as a temporal accommodation for the priests before the presbytery project was ready a year later.

Designed by Y. Gordon Dowsett, this church was striking in its blue slate roof in the shape of a tent over the building like a cross. The Celtic Cross also combines a circle with a cross, on the exterior brick face wall. The pastoral coordinator, Andrew, explained that the shapes of 3 tents were designed to follow a particular part of the bible where Jesus brought Peter, John and James to the mountain and asked them how he would look like after he's resurrected. Peter replied that he would build three tents for him, Elijah and Moses.

The entire church was made of wood while its entire structure is beamless. It has high ceilings so as to keep the place airy and not stuffy. This will also go on to save electricity. This church was granted conservations status when it was gazetted under the Preservation of Monuments Board in 2005 in recognition of its distinctive architecture design.

Damien Centre, an extension of Damien Hall

Beamless Interior of Blessed Sacrament Church

Today, Blessed Sacrament Church is a religious ground which offers programmes beyond worshipping. They offer kindergarten and nursery classes. In fact, 80% of the students are non-Catholic. They also hold Christmas carnival every year where residents can come inside to explore their church and indulge in food and games.

Andrew who speaks to us about the Church

The iconic Church today
At sunset where it is the most beautiful
Caritas which offer bibles and offerings

A beautiful fountain

Posters in the Kindergarten
Its Location... Happy Good Friday!

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