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Oh! She's Aunty Nancy

By my queenstown on Monday, April 19, 2010 with 0 comments

The name, Aunty Nancy, must be familiar to Queenstown residents at Blk 27A and car owners. Providing a one stop car maintenance service, she has been working in the shop for the past 20 years. At first impression, I was rather impressed by her command of the Chinese language, which I'm hopelessly weak at. Today, we shall explore her shop, Tong Lee Wee. 

Tong Lee Wee at BLK 27A

Hi Ms Tay, what services do you offer in this shop?
We offer a one-stop service for the servicing of cars such as car cleaning, installation of security system, lighting, bodykit, Hi-fi and many, many others!

So how's the environment here in Queenstown?
It's wonderful. The residents in Queenstown have been friendly and you can easily tell them apart from people from other places. I have lived in the area prior 2008 and I had to move because of SERS. (Selective En-bloc Redevelopment Scheme) 

Is this business affected by the economic crisis?
More or less, yes because the consumers can afford less because of lower incomes. This flat will be en-bloc too and we will have to move elsewhere in the near future. Hopefully we can get a decent location at Lengkok Bahru. We would like very much to stay in Queenstown but we have to see if there's a convenient spot with a car park like this to park cars and allow us to do the servicing for the cars!

A non-exhaustive number of accessories for your vehicle!

Tyres of all kinds...

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