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Mei Li Confectionery

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Venturing into the heartlands of Commonwealth has brought us many interesting insights into shops of the yesteryears. These shops serve as a reminder to the younger generation how our community has transformed through the years. There are many shops that take root in the estate for more than 30 years. One of them is Mei Li Confectionery in Commonwealth Crescent.

Mei Li Confectionery

Mei Li Confectionery was formerly located in Merchant Road in Clark Quay. In those days, the colonial government remained in charge of our country's defence and politics. There wasn't any skyscrapers or hotels, only Victorian colonial offices and shop houses. When the government decided to redevelop the entire Quays area, Mr Wang, owner of Mei Li Confectionery, were given several choices on where to shift his beloved shop to. One of them is Commonwealth Crescent.

Ever since, this confectionery has been a part and puzzle in the lives of many Commonwealth Crescent residents. Managing a family business that was passed on from his father, Mr Wang felt immense pride in his efforts. Red Bean Pastries, Green Bean Pastries were very popular with his clients and there were many residents and food lovers from all over the island would come to Commonwealth Crescent specially for the confectionery.

Freshly baked pastries

Over the years, Mr Wang believes in using minimal machinery. Most of the pastries in the shop are handmade and it is believed that hand made pastries taste better because there is more sincerity in them. He admits that the repetitive, tiring procedures have forced him to rethink the way he produces the pastries. Nevertheless, he knows that the main reason customers trekking miles to his shop is "buying a piece of happiness." Therefore, he will serve his customers earnestly.

The giant Oven in the Kitchen

Mei Li Confectionery workplace

Mr Wang and his beloved shop of 30 years

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