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Tonight@MyQueenstown #5: Roti Prata Kosong!

By my queenstown on Tuesday, July 6, 2010 with 0 comments

Nights in Queenstown has never been so interesting! There are many places to visit, many acitivites to do and of course many delicious food to eat. Going hungry at night is definitely impossible in Queenstown. Tonight, we shall visit Tanglin Halt for some mind bogging roti prata at the Al Falah Food Corner in Block 75, Commonwealth Drive.

Al Falah Food Corner Chain

Al Falah Food Corner has been serving hungry Tanglin Halt residents all day long for the past 2 1/2 years. It is a favourite hang out place for taxi drivers needing a simple fix to get their mind going at night and night owls who come home late after work. In fact, Al Falah has branches in other parts of Singapore such as Tanjong Pagar, Hougang and Tampines. 

MyQueenstown Team understands from one of the hawker assistants, Hanifa, that Bryani and Roti Prata are the two dishes which attract hordes of crowd to their shop every day. Considering a large number of foreign workers in the vicinity, the taste of Roti Prata and Bryani reminds them of the traditional food back home in India and Bangladesh. Every day, they can sell up to 400 pieces of Roti Prata! Hanifa explains that their roti prata are indeed popular with the customers because their floor mixture that used to make the prata is handmade!

A plate of plate and a cup of teh tarik makes my day!

Hanifa, one of the hawker assistant

Ms Tan, who lives in Tanglin Halt for 40 years was so pretty impressed by the Roti Prata that she will try them every week. She commented that the curry sauce is flavourful and appetising 

Syed, who lives in Blk 65, will come over to Al Falah every day because he feels that "everything in the food corner is nice!"

Syed, staunch supporter of Al Falah!

Blk 75 at 7pm

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