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Rain, Rain, Go Away!

By my queenstown on Wednesday, July 21, 2010 with 1 comment

Singaporeans woke up to yet another flood on 17th July 2010. Barely weeks after an island-wide flooding struck Singapore, Singaporeans encountered another bout of heavy showers in the central area, Tanjong Katong and Bukit Timah. These floods were meant to occur "once every 50 years" and many theories had revolved around how they had invaded our lives and destroyed our properties. Queenstown residents must be wondering if floods had actually occurred here since most of our structures were built on slopes and hills. Today, we'll see how floods have affected everybody in this week's headline of the week!

Rainfall on Saturday morning was more than the average total monthly rainfall of 158.5mm for July. At its peak, flood waters reached a height of over 300mm and many cars and buses were stuck in roads, just like the 3 other major flooding which occurred for the past 6 weeks. The pictures say it all:

Flood in an underground carpark

The ill-fated Wendy's Restaurant at Orchard Was not Fated to Open its Business

Flooded Underpass from Lucky Plaza to Ngee Ann City

Overflowed Monsoon Drain in Toa Payoh

Everywhere is flooded including the Coffee Shop

Singapore appears to be blessed. There were no casualties in any of the 4 floods which occurred in the past two months. However, that was not a reason to be elated. How could floods occur in Singapore? MyQueenstown would not speculate on the reasons behind them because we were not qualified to do so. However, it must be noted that Singaporeans, including Queenstown residents, have every right as citizens to demand our homes to be safe from flood. Lives are precious. Any dollar and cents invested on creating deeper and wider monsoon drains or better drainage systems that will protect our lives and properties are basic rights and they should not be shelved because they are "costly."

Queenstown was certainly not spared from the floods and heavy rains occurred in the past 6 weeks! On 23 June 2010, a fallen tree in Commonwealth Drive have damaged 2 cars and a bus stop, causing minor injuries to the drivers. Bus Route 61 was temporary diverted and the impact of the fallen tree had attracted many onlookers.

Damaged Bus Stop

The Fallen tree makes Commonwealth Drive unaccessible

"There goes my car" (All the photos are taken from a resident)

An eyewitness, Ms Tan, 35, a teacher living in Tanglin Halt for the past 30 years, commented, "The impact was massive and the branches hit onto the the roof of the bus stop nearby, causing the entire structure to collapse."

If you notice an increase in number of tree pruning trucks along Stirling Road and Commonwealth Drive, this is the reason why.

MyQueenstown hopes everyone is safe from the rain and flood! =)

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xizor2000@gmail.com said...
July 27, 2010 at 11:10 PM

Wow. I am shocked by the tree collapse images at Commonwealth Drive.

May I check with you whether you have any photos of the moonsoon drain (behind Blk 88 Tanglin Halt Road along Tanglin Halt Close) before it was covered up?

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