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Queenstown's World Cup Hangover!

By my queenstown on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 with 0 comments

The familiar images of national flasgs festooning every building and noise of vuvuzelas blurting into the broadcast of the World Cup 2010 have been wound down as the excitement hung in the air was finally over. For the host country, South Africa, they have been preparing since 2004 for this BIG month with the construction of stadiums, roads and hotels after being ridiculed by the Western media for being unprepared and they will be a "miracle" for making them ready. The past months have changed that perception certainly as the tournaments approached and rolled out, with South Africa proving the world wrong with some of the memorable watching experience from TV.

The Spanish Team won

The epic finale between Spain and Netherlands was brandished by many professionals in the field as dour and boring. While the sore losers couldn't stop whining about the referee, the whole world knows Spain deserved victory with their calm composure and tactical excellence. One of the most disgusting sight on TV must certainly be Dutch midfielder, Nigel de Jong's, X-rated tackle on Spanish midfield maestro, Xabi Alonso. Call them lucky or not, the Dutch national football team was lucky not to get at least 3 or 4 players sent off for their "anti-football" behaviour. 

"There's only one team that is interested to play football that day," yelled Mr Yeo, owner of Lao Fu Zi noodle stall. "I'm glad that Spain, the better team, has won the match!" 

Mr Yeo spoke in our interview

When asked about the atmosphere of the match, Mdm Yeo, a resident in Tanglin Halt for the past 40 years commented, "I watch the match with my husband. It was particularly nauseating with the over-the-heel tackles by the Dutch team."

Mdm Yeo-whom we met at Tanglin Halt

Spain won 1-0 and the world cup. However, the unofficial stars of the tournament were Paul the Octopus and Mani the Parakeet. Paul the Octopus, which correctly predicted the results of Germany's matches as well as the grand final, is the bookmarkers' new darling whereas Mani the Parakeet, whose failure to predict the right final result, indicated its forecasting skills are nothing but fluke.

Paul the Octopus

Mani the Parakeet picks the wrong team!

"I guess Mani the Parakeet will be fried and served in KFC!" exclaimed our correspondent.

Mani will be fried!

When the World Cup euphoria died down, we would most probably be continuing with our regular EPL or Spanish La Liga matches. For now, let's enjoy while we can.

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