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Tonight@MyQueenstown #8- Chip Bee Gardens

By my queenstown on Tuesday, July 27, 2010 with 0 comments

There are special occasions where we may be required to splurge to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or festivals with our loved ones. Some relaxing ambience and fine dining may do the trick. But... are there any classy yet affordable places in Queenstown?

Chip Bee Gardens!

Set amidst peaceful and serene surroundings, Chip Bee Gardens can be also be a haven from the hectic city life at night. Against the vibrancy of Holland Village a stone's throw away, the quaint terrace houses in Chip Bee Gardens "transport us back to the enduring charm of the bygone era" and charm us definitely with its unique village-like community.

The tranquil Chip Bee Gardens at 7pm

A stroll along the peripheral of Chip Bee Gardens estate is the perfect start for any ideal outing with our loved ones. The Bohemian styled colonial terraces, lushed with thick nature, soothes the mind and lifts spirits up! The series of upscale restaurants offering fine-dining ranging from Italian's Michaelangelo to Swiss Cheese Cake Shop can be found along the slopes of Chip Bee Gardens. The critically acclaimed Michaelangelo's and Original Sin are two of Singapore's top restaurants and a destination for many food lovers.

Michaelangelo's at Chip Bee Gardens

After having a sumptuous dinner of outskirt angus steak and fetticini with salmon in Michaelangelo's, we spotted several amusing concept stores along the terrace stretch. Bunalun is a mini organic market which sells champagne, fruit jams and cookies using organic ingredients whereas Dolci da Paolo is a confectionery shop which offers toy-like cakes. Shermay's Cooking School also sells some rare and unique ingredients for cooking

Da Pao Gastronomia

Shermay's Cooking School

What can we have after having a dinner and shopping non-stop? 

Yeah! It's dessert. We spotted "Daily Scoop" branch at the corner of Jalan Merah Saga and conveniently entered the youthful shop ordering cones and waffle ice cream.

The Daily Scoop 

Youthful Interior of the Ice Cream Cafe

Yummy Yummy! The mesmerizing atmosphere in Chip Bee Gardens is a perfect place for couples and close friends to gather and spend a fruitful day with one day. Go on and visit Chip Bee Gardens tonight!

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