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Uncle Agony #6-Community Integration

By my queenstown on Friday, July 16, 2010 with 0 comments

"Uncle Agony" is a new segment where residents can email us their concerns and troubles. We will answer all your queries and hope that the issue, can be resolved in a peaceful and amicable manner. Of course, the information we provide are mere suggestions from our team and do not represent any official institutions or anyone. In this way, we hope Queenstown residents can "breathe a little easier...

Hi MyQueenstown, I am a new citizen who lives in Stirling View. My children is studying at Global Indian School. We have lived in Queenstown for about 2 years and recently I chanced upon your blog. Therefore, I would like to take the opportunity to enquire how my family can integrate with the community better. -Mr Rajkumar who lives in Blk 170 Stirling View

Community Integration is Important to a Better Queenstown!

MyQueenstown's reply: It's great to hear from residents and friends of Queenstown they would like to participate actively in their community! MyQueenstown believes that a community can only prosper and liven up if all of us know our roots, understand our culture, respect one another and take part in activities which help us to do so!

There are many official activities in Queenstown which you can take part. This website provides a comprehensive and updated grassroots activities.

Events and activities organised by My Queenstown will be listed in Upcoming Events

Through these activities, your family will get to know Queenstown and our people better through mutual interaction and understanding. Thereafter, you will be further assimilate and integrate into our culture and way of life =)

Hope that helps!

Disclaimer: Suggestions given by MyQueenstown Team may be used to resolve the issues. 

Do Email MyQueenstown Team at myqueenstown@gmail.com if you need solutions to your problems. If you have a pressing matter, do SMS 91769891.

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