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Tonight@MyQueenstown #6-A Cool Night Stroll!

By my queenstown on Tuesday, July 13, 2010 with 0 comments

It has been raining for the past weeks and night time is particularly cool and refreshing. Tonight, let us trace out a short trail in Tanglin Halt for one to explore.

The Sky Garden @ the rooftop of Blk 88 is a marvellous place for residents to walk-a-jog with their beloved pet dogs or cats. Moreover, when MyQueenstown explore this route ourselves, we saw many sports enthusiasts running and doing their workouts quietly under the moonlight. Couples, who have run out of quiet spots, may consider this natural spots with some breathtaking views of Queenstown overlooking Tanglin Halt estate or the Commonwealth Close district. The peace and nature Sky Garden@Blk 88 offers will certainly soothe the anxious minds of any city dwellers frustrated by work and stress.

Sky Garden @ Blk 88

Breathtaking views from the SkyGarden

Listening to the chit chatters of elder folks and looking at the adorable faces of young children can also lift a dejected spirit up. The playground, next to Blk 89, is filled with zest and energy as groups of children play catching in the watchful eyes of their parents resting on the benches nearby. 

Throngs of residents at a Playground next to Blk 89

Lisa, a Filipino domestic worker, is spotted chatting with her friends. She commented, "It's windy and it's cooling. This park is fantastic for anybody to wind down themselves after a hard day's work. I will come here every evening to meet my friends."

Lisa and her friends

Along the concrete pavement and turn right into the older heartlands of Tanglin Halt Blk 30+ is another playground filled with fun and enjoyable. This time round, it is the sepak takraw teenagers! We understand that this group of close friends will come to this multipurpose court for a game of sepak takraw once every few days. Their giggling certainly makes Tanglin Halt a place filled with youthful vigour. 

Whenever you feel lonely and want to make friends, why not approach Lisa, the sepak takraw boys or any of the residents at the few parks in Tanglin Halt? You may also decide to sit on a bench, soak in the moonlight and enjoy the night breeze. It's a cool, windy night for many residents in Tanglin Halt. And it's a simple yet enjoyable activity to do!

Sepak Takraw Boys in Action!

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