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Queenstown-Our Future, Our Aspirations

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When Mr Lim looks over the green fields opposite his flat at Blk 165, he remembers visiting Queens' Crescent market for his groceries. He says, "Commonwealth Secondary School is located next to his flat, and every afternoon, there will be a stream of students walking from the school gate to the market for lunch."

Mr Lim in Stirling View

Mr Lim has been staying in Queenstown for the past 40 years. Convenience and familiarity are Queenstown's "strengths" though he worries about the estate degenerating into an "old" estate where all the residents are old and the younger folks have all left their aged parents behind. Many old folks have, therefore, been discouraged. He feels that more activities ought to be organised to ensure our community stay inclusive and relevant. These activities will benefit the young and old alike.

Stirling View

He strongly believes that the future of Queenstown lies in the younger residents and hopes that youthful enthusiasm can fluorish. Gone were the days where Queenstown, a "hip, cool, an in-place," will attract all the youths to our cinemas and emporiums. People has aged, but as long as our heart remains youthful, Queenstown will always be the best home for everyone! =)

Quiet Stirling View

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