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Queenstown Community Library

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Queenstown Community Library, opened in 30 April 1970 officially, was the first community library built in Singapore outside the National Library. Serving a maturing Queenstown estate, this library bring books and learning closer to the Queenstown residents. Today, Queenstown Community Library remains a popular hangout location among residents and ex-residents alike. Together with Blk 38 Wet Market, Queenstown Community Library will remain as the centrepiece for remembrance and reminiscence as Queenstown undergoes a major facelift in the coming decade.

Queenstown Library before renovation works

Before the construction of the library, mobile libraries had been operating in Queenstown since 1964. Upon seeing the huge demand for books, planning for the library started in 1966 and built by the National Library in its plan to "decentralise home reading services." It was built at a costs of $595, 000.

Before the library was fully air conditioned in 1978, the building featured transparent glass that served as window to allow naturally lighting while filtering "direct sunglight," as well as keeping the library ventilated. Queenstown Community Library provided access to books which few could afford in those days as well as a location for students to concentrate on doing their work. The structural planning for Queenstown Library was subsequently modelled in other branch and community libraries.

Queenstown Library in 1970

In 1987, The National Library Board decided to put its library services online. Consequently, Queenstown Library became the first to be fully computerised. Computerisation of the library also marks the end of manual loaning of books where the librarians will stamp onto a piece of paper in front of the book items and the beginning of "library cards."

In 2003, renovation takes place in the library where facilities such as cafeteria and seminar rooms were added and collection sizes in the library is increased.

Queenstown library after the upgrading works

Then, Queenstown Library was located at the heart of the estate, with cinemas, emporiums and bowling centre in the vicinity. In the coming years, Queenstown Library will become the only place where ex-residents and residents of the oldest estate in Singapore will concur together as we reminisce and recall the good old days...

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