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TOP 10!! Most Beautiful Sky Top Sceneries!!

By my queenstown on Saturday, July 24, 2010 with 1 comment

Queenstown continues to be the "Queen of the Estates" as revealed in the local newspapers today. The rejuvenation of old estates and the insertion of high density precincts among Queenstown's old neighbourhoods made Queenstown the most desirable estate among prospective buyers. Today, public housing addresses in Queenstown has become a premium as she emerges to be the "undisputed king of HDB estates in Singapore" with soaring values which set to increase with further developments. Today, our editorial team will select the Top 10 Sky Top Sceneries in Queenstown in our 4-part photo series.

This photo captures practically the entire Commonwealth Heights/Crescent District today. It is taken from a 39th storey apartment in Blk 89, Tanglin Halt Road.

Tanglin Halt Blk 70s+ in the morning with Biopolis and One North at the background taken at 8pm

This photo captures the spirit of Queens' Close district where the curved Structure of the Building is Being Displayed

The entire Mei Ling, Mei Chin and Stirling District of Queenstown is captured in this photo

Stirling View in a Bright sunny day. The multi storey car park used to be Archipelago Brewery

View of the Singapore Ports and Harbour in the background from Forfar Heights

The now defunct Queenstown 'Central' with Tanglin Halt and Stirling district at the background taken from Strathmore

An Amazing evening skyline taken from Blk 39A

Skyline of the skyscrappers in Dawson-the most desired district in the whole of Queenstown and Singapore!

Holland District with Bukit Timah Hill and Holland Village at the Background

The districts, Mei Chin and Buona Vista (Beautiful sceneries in Mandarin and Italian respectively), describe the apartment flats in Queenstown aptly. These breathtaking shots of the various districts of Queenstown is perhaps one reason why many residents in Queenstown are cheerful and young at heart. Which is YOUR favourite sky top scenery in Queenstown?

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July 27, 2010 at 6:21 PM

Everywhere is so beautiful

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