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Top 10!! Most Captivating Smile!

By my queenstown on Saturday, July 31, 2010 with 0 comments

There were many happy faces when MyQueenstown Team wandered around the estate for interviews and photos. Cliche phrases that go, "Money cannot buy happiness...." and "Happiness is worth more than anything else..." indicate the importance of happiness, especially in an ageing estate. Today, we shall introduce our favourite collection of "Smiling" residents. Of course, if you'd like to PK any of them, send your "smiling" photos to us!

Uncle George and Ying Jie at the Chinese New Year celebration! Wheee... Where's my Hong Bao??

Remember the sweet little girl, Poh Ee, who can speak multiple languages

Markets and Food Centres are Meeting Places for Friends. William, Gabriel, Mr Yang and Mr Tan are long time friends

Uncle Lim has 2 dogs, 5 cats, 10 Birds and 2 tanks of fishes! Of Course he's happy! He stays in Commonwealth Crescent.

You don't see young people like Jeremy visiting his grandmother week in and week out these days! 

Queenstown's very own scientist, Kumar and his happy family!!

Parents of 4 and grandparents of 11, Why Mr and Mrs Zheng wouldn't be happy?

Good Friends, Mdm Zheng and Mr Tay, Spending Quality Time Chatting and Reminiscing at the Void Deck

The Suave New-Aged Undergraduate Student, Seow Tian, who lives in Queens' Condo

Some 40 years of marriage, Some 40 years of love-Thong Hoe Drug Store's Mr and Mrs Loh

Residents, keep on smiling!

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