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Who Dare Says They are Old??

By my queenstown on Friday, December 11, 2009 with 0 comments

I am afraid of getting old. I'd often tell my friends that my age will stop increasing after 20. Getting old means lonely, sickness and useless! I managed to change that mentality when I chanced upon two active elderlies along the void deck in Tanglin Halt Road. Mdm Zheng, 70, and Mr Tay, 65, would show us the meaning of being old and share with us their stories about Queenstown Estate.

Mdm Zheng and Mr Tay are enjoying themselves in the void deck

Hi, how long have you stayed in Queenstown Estate?
MR TAY: I've stayed in Queenstown for over 40 years.
MDM ZHENG: For me, it's 25 years.

Wow. How do you find Queenstown after living for so long?
MDM ZHENG: It's pretty convenient and the facilities here are pretty good since it is a mature estate.

Are you living with a family?
MR TAY: I'm living with my wife
MDM ZHENG: I'm living with my son.

What do you do during your free time?
MR TAY: I would go to the Community Centre nearby to "upgrade" myself, learning how to use computers.
MDM ZHENG: I will come down to the park in the morning and talk to my friends like Mr Tay. I have trouble walking, so I didn't go to the Community Centre.

Any memories to share with us?
MDM ZHENG: I work as a cook assistant in Holland for 14 years before moving to this flat after SERS. I have great neighbours and friends who I can talk! That's how life is priceless!

The "Towers" where I found them chatting and relaxing

Dizzy Speelllllsssss!!

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