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Living at the Pinnacle!

By my queenstown on Tuesday, December 15, 2009 with 0 comments

So what's the life living at the pinnacle at Blk 90 Tanglin Halt Road? Is it all windy, nice scenery and all peaceful? Let's find out from the Wong family.

First of all, let us introduce ourselves!
I'm Patrick, the Papa of the family who works as an engineer in a petrochemical firm in Singapore. I have two boys. Our family had moved in to Tanglin Halt for around a year.

There are many people in your house now. Are you having a gathering with family and friends?
One of my boys have just completed a surgery, so my friends and relatives are paying him a visit and sending their well wishes

So how's life living in the pinnacle? Is it windy, cool and nice scenery?
No! It's only windy during December! I find our neighbours rather cold, especially the younger and educated ones. The older generation is more welcoming and we enjoy conversing our lives with them. Our flat is located next to the MRT Station, so it's pretty convenient for us to travel!

What improvements do you wish to see within the estate?
There are a lot of Buddhists like us praying during festivals and anniversaries. Unfortunately, we do not have a container for the incense ashes. Then during windy days, these ashes will dirty the corridor and inconvenient our neighbours. (We'll look into that!)

That's not Mr and Mrs Wong!!! Camera Shy..

Yes.. I can see the sea!! Shiok!

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