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Queenstown Baptist Church

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The Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT) set aside seven sites for religious use and advertised for religious organisations to ballot in the 1950s. Of the ten enquiries received, four withdrew, leaving six Christian organisations. These went on to build the first churches of Queenstown; Queenstown Baptist Church, Queenstown Lutheran Church, Faith Methodist Church, Church of the Blessed Sacrament, True Way Presbyterian Church and Church of the Good Shepherd.

The Queenstown Baptist Church first started when a Baptist missionary, Miss Dorcas Lau began house-to-house visitation in the housing estate with Miss Lora Clement, a resident in Barbary Walk. In 1956, the Malaya Baptist Mission of the Foreign Board from the Southern Baptist Convention of United States voted to purchase a vacant plot at 495 Margaret Drive. It opened doors to her followers in November 1962.

The Same Chapel today

In 1988, the church announced plans for an extension to its chapel to house its growing congregation. The extension was opened in 1992 – on the church’s 30th anniversary.

Despite its American origins, the first congregation of this Church was Cantonese-speaking, reflecting the dialect-speaking community in Queenstown then. The church also conducts community work, provides volunteer services to institutions along Margaret Drive, and in-kind relief to the needy.

Future Church Building for Queenstown Baptist Church

The Church has plans to renovate their building.

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