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Stirling Road Blaze Kills Resident

By my queenstown on Monday, May 23, 2011 with 0 comments

A rental resident, Mr. Ng Hock Chye, at Block 48 Stirling Road lost his life in a blaze yesterday morning. The charred body of the jobless man was found in his bedroom located at the 3rd storey of the rental block. Firefighters have since put out the fire.

According to the national reports, residents were alerted to the thick dark smoke billowing out of Mr Ng's unit and fled their homes. Some of the residents in the block hurriedly filled buckets of water to try douse the flames.

From a telephone interview with Mr. Andy Tan, a resident in Stirling Road, the blaze was so huge that many residents have fled to the grass patch in front of the rental block. The deceased, Mr. Ng Hock Chye, had regularly asked for public assistance and he had trouble with the law for his drug offences. He leaves behind his ex-wife and two children.

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