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the Spirit of the Stadium

By my queenstown on Sunday, December 6, 2009 with 0 comments

The Queenstown Sports Complex was officially opened in 1970 as one of the first neighbourhood sports facilities. The swimming pool was known for its estsblishment of Singapore's waterpolo team who had won consecutive goal medals at the South East Asian Games. The football pitch was home to Tanjong Pagar Football Club and later, a Chinese side, Dalian Shide. Located at the corner of Stirling Road, its dull and unimaginative structures may be pale in comparison to those mighty wave pools and slides at Jurong East. However, this sports complex remains a source of recreation and career opportunity for some of the residents. Today, we have met Mdm Sinag, the attendant for the Sports Complex.

Hi Mdm Sinag. How long have you worked in the stadium?
I've worked in the stadium for almost 30 years as an attendant.

Wow that's impressive. What are your roles as an attendant?
As an attendant, I'm in charge for the cleanliness and the drawing of football pitches when there are matches.

What are some of the events held in the stadium?
There are annual sporting events such as athletic heats for schools located in this area. It used to be more lively when there are football matches when Tanjong Pagar Football Club and Dalian Shide were around. The fans would cheer loudly for their teams.

Can you explain some of the development within the sports complex over the years?
The swimming pool and stadium used to be separate entities. However, they are now under the same management and it's now easier for us to coordinate our resources.

After working in Queenstown Stadium for 30 years, do you have any special memories of the place?
Yes, of course! It is very convenient and I can take a short bus trip to my house in Bukit Merah View. During lunch time when there is less crowd, I can even jog around the stadium track to keep fit!

What are some of the developments you hope to see within the estate?
There used to be Queenstown Plaza when we can go for lunches and dinner. However, I will have to travel to Mei Ling market now for lunch, which is rather troublesome. I can also shop after work in the past! Hopefully there'll be a shopping centre in the near future!

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