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Living, Breathing Queenstown

By my queenstown on Saturday, December 19, 2009 with 0 comments

The market place at Tanglin Halt Road is a hustling and bustling place where you can find coffeeshops, saloons, fashion wears, cobblers, police post, minimarts and hardware shops. Today, we've met Mr Chai, the owner of incense trader in Blk 46-2.

Mr Chai-Your familiar nice guy in Tanglin Halt Market Area

Hi Mr Chai, how long have you been in this business?
I've been around for 13 years. I used to rent a shop at ABC Brickworks Market and i rent the shop directly from HDB now.

So do you stay upstairs?
Yes I do, with my wife and daughter who is currently a Secondary 4 student.

How's business lately?
Business has decreased by around 10%. Even without Economic recession, the Sheng Shiong supermarket nearby who sells practically everything, has made business more competitive. Therefore, we depend on our regular customers to support us!

What are your aspirations?
I hope the upgrading of the food centre will be completed soon and bring younger crowd to this area. It's pretty sad to be labelled as a "Old Estate." Therefore, the new and refurbished food centre can bring more business to our district.

The familiar name in the area...

Rows of incense products!

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