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Queenstown MRT's Guardian Angel

By my queenstown on Saturday, December 5, 2009 with 0 comments

The Queenstown MRT Station, painted with a distinct blue colour, can be viewed from far away. EW19, its identity on the East-West line, is a familiar landmark for every residents living in the Queenstown estate. While there are small mishaps such as the one occured in April 2004 when a shuttle bus crashed onto the viaduct column near the station, could leave nightmarish experiences for some. Today, we invite Ms Norlida, customer service officer working in Queenstown MRT to share with us some of her experiences and aspirations.

How long have your worked in this station?
I've worked for 2 years and 10 months. I've worked in other stations like Redhill in the past.

What are your duties as a customer service officer in the Passenger Service Control Station?
I handle ticketing such as topping up cash value of CEPAs card, solve defective cards, passenger enquiries on the bus routes as well as other problems such as misplacement of personal belongings in the trains.

What happens if there are train delays or crowded trains?
We will inform the Headquarters. Through the PA system, we will inform passengers the location of the delays truthfully so that they can make alternative transport plans.

There is a recent mandatory  penalty on passengers who consume food and drinks. How do you handle passengers who commit such offences within the station premises?
We will issue fines and explain their wrongful behaviour patiently. I understand there is a row going on. Therefore, we have increase our signages in the platforms to remind passengers of the penalties.

After working in the Queenstown Estate for about 3 years. How do you find the estate?
Wonderful! There is not much crowd like Jurong East or Orchard.

What improvements do you wish to see in the estate?
There's a lack of shops and foodcentres. I've difficulty finding food except the two coffeeshops located beneath the stations.

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