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the Girl who is Multi-LINGUAL

By my queenstown on Sunday, March 28, 2010 with 0 comments

She is fluent in Cantonese, Malay, Chinese, English, etc.. She is an active volunteer at community events. She is confident, matured, pretty and witty. And she's only fifteen! Yes, who is this multi talented girl living in Tanglin Halt in Queenstown? 

She's none other than...

Poh Ee... Enjoying herself on a trip to Taiwan!

Hi Poh Ee, how did you know so many languages?
Haha... I was sent to Malaysia to study for a few years, so I guess I pick up Malay then. I just came back to Singapore.

What's your current occupation and what are your interests?
 I am a student currently! A lazy one especially. Haha.. I usually Go online, read books, hang out, haha maybe travelling counted also?! :P 

As a youngster, what are some of the improvements you wish to see in Queenstown?
Oh, it has been really great and i guess most of the improvements need to be done by we residents.

A close up..

Erms... did I mention that she's single?

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