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Go! Go! Go!

By my queenstown on Friday, March 5, 2010 with 0 comments

Go Sports! has been located at the corner of Blk 6C, facing Margaret Drive for the past 22 years. Dedicated to selling skate boards and accessories, it was one of its kind in this district. Sadly to say, as this article is being posted, this shop might have become a piece of memory for many students and skating enthusiasts who have patronised the shop or venture into its mini skate park outside the shop. Today, we speak to its founder and owner, Mr Eddie Goh.

Go Sports!
Mr Goh, the owner of the Go Sports!

Hi Eddie! Go Sports! is a daring and ambitious attempt! How did it come about?
It's a gamble! I believe this sort of business has less competition and therefore easier to manage than other products which have more substitutes. Therefore, I can have plenty of time to relax and not worry whether the business will go on well! 
Exposure on CableTV featuring extreme sports and MTV music videos may have portrayed skating as a cool sports. 

OooO Aren't you afraid of complains from schools and parents?
Skating is a sport that is no less dangerous than other kind of sports like basketball and football. It is a public perception of the nature of the sports as it is uncommon. Moreover, we do not have many complains from school. It is definitely better for students to be coming over here to practise skateboarding than fighting or taking drugs. We have several meetings with the police and the principals to show them that we are trying to promote healthy sports and I'm glad I persevere. 

There are many ramps outside this store. Do you install them?
Yup. It's a common space and we are not allowed to use it initially. But we persevere and install them ourselves.

20 years is such a long time. How have Margaret Drive changed over the years?
It used to be 4 storey and 2 blocks of 16 storey flats at the opposite but they have all make way for the condominium.

Do you feel sad that you have to leave the place?
Nopes that's something beyond my control. I'll move to a new location at Blk 6 Holland Close. I guess it takes time to build rapport with the customers there and I like the challenge.

All the best!

Rows of shoes and skateboards
Zul, a skateboarder we met
...at Block 6C.. go, going, gone....

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