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Searching for Mok Mok

By my queenstown on Sunday, March 21, 2010 with 1 comment

It was pouring this afternoon and I thought that we may have to cancelled the haunting session today. However, looks like the mok mok is determined to let us discover them tonight. For disclaimer purposes, we just took random photos about our trip and sometimes we are unable to see them with our bare eyes. If you manage to see some weird photos, please do let us know! It was a successful trip for 2 reasons! First, the rain is scared of us! Second, we managed to connect with the online residents of Queenstown! 

Some of the many participants in MyQueenstown Haunts!

Before the trip, all of us seem to be in a cheery mode. None of them appears scared or afraid of meeting ghosts (Yeah right). However, I manage to witness some of them searching frantically for their torches and putting brand new batteries to make sure the torch works.Some of the participants like Ms Mah would stuck the ears with plugs or connected to a MP3. We walk into the pathway that leads to the old carpark of Blk 6 and Blk 6A. For younger residents, Blk 6 and Blk 6A is no longer around. They are flats directly opposite Go Sports!.

Spotted any weird things must tell us!

We trek the path slowly. All the trees seem to be rustling in unison as the wind blows. As I walked past the bushes (as tall as the young girl in the photo), shadows seem to fleet past us. I ignore them, thinking that they are the effect of our torches. As I marched past taller bushes, I saw occasional shadows on my right. There's neither anyone shining a torch nor cars beaming their headlights at the forest. What's it? Is someone following us secretly? I hope not.

Ridout/Dempsey Park

Our Trek discovered cactus too!

A tall tree

We eased ourselves from the defunct Car Park to the Remand Prison before arriving at the new Margaret Drive extension. As mentioned by some residents, it is also the location of a cemetery which was cleared during the construction 
of Queenstown Estate. As we walked past Hua Yi Secondary School, an occasional shift in my lens discovered some white object moving about inside the class. I hope I'm being over sensitive. When I returned home and look at the camera pictures, it seems there's a human object in one of the windows in the picture below. Or I'm pak jiao?

That's all spooks!

Along Hua Yi Seondary School

Did you see the image of a person in one of the windows?

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GalePuppy a.k.a 汪财 said...
March 21, 2010 at 9:48 AM

Hmm... Seems like there is a flying orb in Picture: "A Tall Tree" & "Did you see the image of a person in one of the windows?"

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