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Get Fit @ Alexandra Canal Linear Park!

By my queenstown on Tuesday, March 16, 2010 with 0 comments

Alexandra Canal Linear Park is unique as it is built on top of a covered canal. The canal is widely believed to flow to the Singapore River although some of the residents that I've spoken to disagree. The vast array of fitness and play equipment, catering to all ages, are located near housing estates and schools, providing endless fun for the young and old. The iconic mini skate station, which includes ramps and railings, provide challenges and an endless stream of adrenaline rush for avid skaters. One of these residents who was running along the track is Mdm Mardiana, who lives at Forfar Heights.

NParks video on Alexandra Canal Linear Park

Hi Mdm Mardiana, when and why did you move to Queenstown?
I moved to Forfar Heights 16 years ago. I used to stay in Farrer Road but my father-in-law is living alone. So my husband and I guess that it would be better if we move closer to him so that we can take care of him.

So how did Queenstown attract you?
Queenstown is very convenient. They have buses to practically everywhere in Singapore such as Harbourfront, Orchard or Shenton Way.

Queenstown is currently under redevelopment, what are you looking forward to?
Queenstown used to be very quiet but it's getting busier these days. There are no markets, hawker centres and the bowling alleys and cinemas were demolished. It used to exude an ambience that suited the old folks. I hope that some of these heritage can be preserved. Forfar House used to be visited by the Queen. Princess House too! Unfortunately, one of them has been demolished. It is a pity.

Housing Prices have soared upon news of development. Are you going to leave Queenstown then?
No, certainly not. My husband and I have acknowledged that a house is a home where our roots are. We are not going to profit from that.

Mdm Mardiana in her track pants!

The park connector after a rain...

Signboard indicating directions...

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