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Let's Say Hello! to Dominic

By my queenstown on Thursday, March 11, 2010 with 0 comments

Do you feel happy to have a guest in your house? Today, we strolled along the nostalgic colonial houses along Commonwealth Drive and discovered some of these houses were being rented to students from the National Univesity of Singapore. As you might have known by now, MyQueenstown is a group of nosy and kaypoh people, we knocked on the door of one of them and met Dominic, an exchange student from Munich, Germany.

The colonial flats along Commonwealth Drive

Hi Dominic, how long have you resided in Queenstown Estate?
I've been here for only a month. I'm on a five month exchange programme with NUS from Munich's Technical University.

How does it feel like to be in Singapore?
I do feel scared initially being in a foreign land! I've learnt that Singaporeans are people who stick with the rules. Laugh.. But that's not really the case. LOL

Have you travelled around the estate or Singapore?
Yup! I've been to some of the nightspots like Clark Quay and Vivocity. I have gone to the Queensway Shopping Centre too.

How different is Singapore from Germany?
It's Hot! As you know, Germany just had its cold waves in December, hitting temperatures like -15 degrees. It feels so different here as it is so warm! Germany has an Oktoberfest where people will drink beer! The beer is expensive here!

Enjoy your stay here!

Dominic and ME!

He lives here! Ooops guess there be many of his fans coming..

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