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the ZigZag Bridge!

By my queenstown on Monday, March 1, 2010 with 1 comment

For many years, Madam Liu and her family have to trek a long flight of stairs before crossing a rickety bridge and climbing up another long flight of stairs to reach Mei Ling Street. Otherwise, she would have to pass by the perimeters of Queensway before turning left into Mei Ling Street to buy her groceries at the Mei Ling Street Market. If she feels lazy on her day, she may have to settle on whatever that is offered at the petrol kiosk nearby. She was a relieved and happy person when I saw her cross the Skybridge at Queen's Close. 

Mdm Liu and her groceries!

Hi Madam Liu! How long have you stayed in Queen's Close?
I have stayed here with my husband, dad and child for 15 years since 1995.

Every trip to the market must be horrible then, right?
Certainly! Before this skybridge is built, we have to climb a long flight of stairs. This is extremely troublesome for older folks who have difficulty walking and during rainy weathers where the stairs are slippery. Kids may fall down too!

How did this bridge come about?
I believe many residents have spoken to our MP regarding this issue. That's why it is built to alleviate the inconvenience caused.

Why did you still stay in Queens' Close despite all this trouble?
Yes, it was quite troublesome in the past but the environment is very quiet. It's pretty condusive for learning! I used to stay in Telok Blangah before balloting for a flat here!

Entrance of the Sky Bridge..

The path that sliced the International School..

We are approaching the Sky!! lol

View of Queen's Close from the bridge

We're reaching...

A plague to commerate the opening of the bridge

The secluded corner of Queenstown estate..

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Anonymous said...
March 1, 2010 at 11:19 PM

Glad that residents like the skybridge. The government and Town Council spent quite a bit on this massive project but it is worth it when many residents are benefitting from it.

Baey Yam Keng

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