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Chap Lau Chu No More..

By my queenstown on Tuesday, March 23, 2010 with 0 comments

It's pretty weird for a youngster like me to be writing obituaries so frequently. It's pretty impossible to summarise a life full of wonderful and heartrending memories into a short post like this. In 2 years' time, this neat row of chap lau chus located at the corner of Commonwealth Drive, will be making way for SERS, a familiar acronym for many old folks in Queenstown. Today, we met one of the occupants at Blk 74. He is Mr Ho.

Have you ever stopped to marvel at its beauty?

Hi Mr Ho! How and when did you move into Queenstown Estate?
Wow, that's pretty sudden. It had been 20 years. I used to stay in Ang Mo Kio and bought this flat from the resale market.

So what has changed over the years in Commonwealth Drive?
I would go to the wet market in the past to purchase my groceries. The construction of Sheng Shiong is something to cheer about. They sell a large variety of vegetables and other necessities that are not offered in the wet market.

Can you tell us more about your childhood?
I didn't have a chance to study and that's my biggest regret in life. I really do envy the younger generation of Singaporeans who are given a chance to study and have such nice facilities (like the one at New Town Primary School). Grab your chance to acquire knowledge! It's invaluable!

Mr Ho and Us!

Something that we may have overlooked..

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