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Point Block Fever

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The "demand" for more privacy in the late 1960s have led to the construction of Singapore's very first point block flats at Mei Ling Street. The structure of the housing apartments was constructed in a way where occupants need to walk less than 5 steps and they could use the lifts. It enhances convenience greatly. So how does it feel like to live in an environment of enhanced privacy and convenience? 

Mr and Mrs Zheng

Mr and Mrs Zheng was having dinner when we disturbed them in the evening! They would then gladly bring their photo albums along and and describe to us their experiences of living in the beautiful point block flats. A father of a son and 3 daughters, and a grandfather of 11, Mr and Mrs Zheng used to live in the hazardous and unhygienic squatters of Chinatown where 8 or more residents would live in small corners. He explained that communal living can be cleaner and more conducive for living if the occupants take note of their personal hygiene and bother to clean their small corners on a regular basis. 

In 1969, he understood from his friends that the authorities have decided to build more districts in Queenstown, including the 2 point block flats at Mei Ling Street. Mrs Zheng and him applied for them, hoping to live in a brand new environment and provide a better living environment for their young children. Queenstown was pretty lively then, with young kids playing at the slope (the present Car Park) and hawkers selling their farm produce before the construction of the Mei Ling Market.  It was a very different situation today, although he prefers the serene and quiet environment today that is very suitable "for his age" to relax. Every morning, Mr and Mrs Zheng would climb to the top of the multi storey carpark, where the sky garden is located and do "taichi" with a group of friends. Occasionally, he would visit places in China such as Beijing and Shanghai for holidays.

Blk 160 where Mr Zheng and his family live for 41 years.
The Sky Garden where Mr and Mrs Zheng exercise every morning

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