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Mei Ling Street Slasher

By my queenstown on Saturday, May 29, 2010 with 1 comment

Mention the name "Leong Kok Meng" or "the Slasher" and many Mei Ling Street residents will recall the widespread existence of Chinese secret societies in the 1980s and 1990s. This man, as reported by the New Paper yesterday, was "put behind bars 12 years ago for slashing two men with a chopper in the Mei Ling Street Area" and uncannily, he was involved in a similar attack of killing a man after brutally "setting on two acquaintances with a hunting knife in a drunken rage. Before we get our noses poking around for more information about the state of secret societies in Queenstown, let us do a little summary on what's reported on the newspapers!

The Mei ling Slasher on Newpaper

On August 2008, Leow Kok Meng stabbed two men, Karunagaran and Balan Krishnan on multiple counts. The 3 men knew each other as they lived in Mei Ling Street/Stirling View.They would usually disturb Queenstown residents when drunk. There's a resident at Block 154 who complained that these "gangsters" had been harrassing her family and her Indonesian maid. On the fateful day, Leow Kok Meng was having breakfast at a coffeeshop at Block 154 while Karunagaran and Balan were drinking alcohol. It was mentioned that Leow had become angry after drinking a can of beer and a small bottle of whisky and became "angry" and "violent. After walking past a fountain where Balan and Karunagaran were seated, he went home (Blk 157) and took out a hunting knife and approached them before lunging at Balan with the knife repeatedly. Leow Kok Meng would then stabbed at Karunagaran repeatedly as well. Karunagaran was found lying in a pool of blood and Balan Krishnan suffered multiple injuries.

Karunagaran was found dead at the scene

Mr Balan escaped with multiple injuries

According the Mrs Loh, owner of Thong Hoe Drug Store, there were many secret societies and gangs setting up their bases in Mei Ling Street in the 1970-1990s. There were many plain clothes police patrolling the area because of numerous cases. She recalled there were occasions where the gangsters would barge into her shop and ask for "protection money" and threaten to burn her shop. They would carry stools at her medical store with one hand fiercely. During an operation carried out by the Police to wipe out drug offenders, one of the druggies (age around 20s) was handcuffed onto the metal grille of her back door! Frightened, shocked and disgusted was how she will describe these gangsters...

Leow Kok Meng was arrested

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Albert said...
June 3, 2010 at 3:13 PM

It was so dangerous in the past. These gangsters will crowd around the food centre, occupying a few seats at the same time. Our parents will tell us to stay away from them.

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