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MyQueenstown Food Trail Part 1

By my queenstown on Saturday, May 8, 2010 with 0 comments

It was a humid afternoon and the sun was blazingly hot. However,the weather did not dampen the spirits of MyQueenstown's second gathering with residents and friends of Queenstown at Commonwealth Avenue Cooked Food Centre! 

We Ate Duck Noodle Today!

Initially, each of us held our reservations because we did not know each other personally before this event. We were afraid to say the wrong things or do the wrong things. But, all of this disappear as long as we begin recalling the wonderful memories everyone of us have in Queenstown while makaning the ultra delicious duck noodles from "Venus Braised Duck" shop. 
From Left: Jasper, Ser Yeng, Serene, Siwei and Sinha

Ser Yeng was a PhD candidate with NTU and volunteered actively in various community organisations in Queenstown. 

Serene was an ex-Queenstown Primary and Queensway Secondary Student. She recalled vividly about Queenstown Central, where she frequented after school.

Siwei studied in Queenstown Secondary School and was a frequent visitor to the cinemas and the food centre, where he had his first date!

Sinha was a former resident in Margaret Drive and Stirling Road.

Though it was a short lunch session with us that lasted over an hour, we shared many aspirations and views about issues pertaining to Queenstown ranging from the high prices of flats in Queenstown to the friendly neighbours and friends each of us have encountered in Queenstown. Although we were strangers at the beginning, it was definitely memorable and meaningful to learn new friends and recollect the wonderful memories in the estate. Though Commonwealth Avenue Cooked Food Centre may be the next victim of the bulldozer next year, the ties that each of us share and the recollections of this beautiful estate will stay with us for all our lives!

From Strangers to Friends

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